Aeble is a neighborhood restaurant and our goal is simple: to offer a welcoming place for gathering over memorable meals and great conversation. Chef-owner Charles Brassard and host-owner Anna Utevsky are a pair of old friends who love to take care of people through food, beverage and simple hospitality. The food we serve is deceptively simple as we showcase the excellent ingredients grown in the region.
We throw a nightly dinner party and love hosting our neighbors, friends and Hudson visitors alike.




We gladly accept reservations for any size party. Please call the restaurant at 518.697.7987




Wednesday-Thursday 5pm-9pm
Friday + Saturday 5pm-10pm

Happy Hour:

Wednesday-Saturday 5pm-6pm

Closed Sunday + Monday + Tuesday 



449 Warren St. Hudson, NY 12534







Anna Utevsky, host-owner

Anna grew up in a house with full of food and frequent dinner parties.  Growing up in Brooklyn, NY with a large Greek and Russian family, the kitchen was always full of layered flavors and complex aromas.  From a young age she learned to catch up with family and friends over hors d'ouerves and cocktail hour, and then feast family style at the dining room table. And while she did attempt college, the allure of the dinner table brought her back to NYC where she stumbled into her first restaurant job as a pastry cook.

For the next decade Anna worked her way up in a variety of renowned kitchens such as Tabla, Ilo and Quilty's before she headed off to Spain to apprentice at Martin Berasategui in San Sebastien. While in Spain, Anna's curiosity went beyond the kitchen doors and into the dining room and when she returned home she sought out her first job as a server at a restaurant named August, where she and Charlie would meet.

Anna's interest in service led her to some of NYC's best dining rooms including August, Lupulo and Ivan Ramen; restaurants that embody a convivial atmosphere combined with thoughtful service. It has also led her to explore single ingredient industries such as coffee and cheese, bringing her sense of hospitality into retail environments. At Aeble, Anna draws from her experience in the kitchen and lets her palate define the beverage selection from cocktails to coffee. The restaurant is an extension of their own dining rooms, and an expression of hers and Charles' combined experience. Their intent is to host a nightly dinner party and everyone is invited.



Charles Brassard, chef-owner

Charles developed a love of cooking at an early age.  Born in Mexico and living overseas throughout his childhood he was exposed to many different cultures and cuisines.  And gathering around a table for meals was a constant for his family throughout their travels. Charles discovered the significance food has in coming to understand a new country or culture and for forging relationships and these reasons led him to enroll in the Culinary Institute of America.

After graduation, Charles moved to San Francisco where he worked under Roland Passot at La Follie before returning to NYC to work with Bill Telepan at Judson Grill. It was with Bill's tutelage that Charles found a passion for seasonal cooking. During his five years in the position of Executive Sous Chef at Judson Grill, Charles forged strong relationships with many small artisan farmers and local producers who he now calls neighbors at Aeble.

Sourcing locally and focusing on regionality stayed with Charles as he worked with other influential New York Chefs, such as Michael Lomonaco at Porter House New York, and as Chef de Cuisine for Tony Liu at August Restaurant. And he further developed his own style of cooking as Executive Chef of Little Giant and Cafe Colette.

Now at Aeble, Charles is creating menus drawing from all of his past experiences.  He lets the seasons inform his dishes and sources almost exclusively from the regional bounty of the Hudson Valley. Charles is excited to make a home for his family here in Hudson and Aeble is the dining table he can gather people together around.